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Do you have a wedding coming up and have to give a speech? You’re probably not the only one! This package is perfect for wedding parties. Our Gold Package doubles the fun and will provide you with two Bespoke Speeches and Delivery Coaching for two people.

Large or small occasion we will make sure you have a Speech filled with love, laughter and everything in between. Most importantly we will make sure you are comfortable and prepared to deliver a memorable speech through our coaching.

Take A Look Inside The Package

At A Speech In Rhyme we offer our customers two speech packages. Our Gold Package includes two of our services for two people.

  • 2x A Bespoke Speech
  • 2x Delivery Coaching

The Gold Package ensures you receive two uniquely creative speeches developed by our creative professionals. We ensure that your speech reflects your personality and incorporates all the important things you want to say. We then work our rhyming magic making your speech even more memorable and easier for you to deliver.

Once the speeches are complete we work on your speech delivery. We provide 1:1 coaching to assist you and a friend with delivering your respective speeches. As part of our service we work on your presenting skills and your speech delivery.

How Does Our Gold Package Work

1. Get In Touch

Contact us today and let us know which package you are interested in. From there let’s get to know you and what you want to get out of our service.

2. Bespoke Speech

Now that we know you we will create a speech using your personality and tone of voice to create a memorable speech for your special occasion.

3. Delivery Time

Through our coaching sessions we will ensure that you are comfortable and prepared to deliver a knockout speech on the day.

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