Delivery Coaching Service


After years of training in Drama Productions I have acquired an in depth knowledge for public speaking and the delivery of dialogue. If you are worried about standing up in front of a crowd, big or small, to deliver an upcoming speech. Our Speech Delivery Coaching Service is perfect for you.

This is a 1.1 delivery coaching service to ensure you get the most from this experience. This service is created to help you feel comfortable when delivering your speech.

As part of our service we work on your presenting skills and your speech delivery along with providing you with industry tips on how to relax and enjoy the experience.

How Does Our Delivery Coaching Service Work

1. Book Now

Get in touch ASAP as our Delivery Coaching gets booked up quickly. You can give us a call or simply click ‘Book Now’ above.

2. Organise Your 1:1 Session

Time to get to work! Once you get in touch with us we won’t hesitate in getting your 1:1 sessions set up.

3. Show Us What You Have

Prior to our session we ask that you send your speech to us. This will give us time to review your speech and identify where you can take pauses or give more emphasis!

4. Session Time

It is finally time for your 1:1 session. During this session we will walk you through your speech and provide you with lots of time to rehearse, providing feedback along the way.

5. Time To Shine

At the end of our session you will leave eager to give your speech. You will be full of confidence and capable of delivering a memorable speech. So it’s over to you. Good Luck!

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